Daily Post for Aug 29, 2023

Kid 5 - 8 years old
She wanted glasses. She doesn't need glasses.

Starting an effort to write a little each day. This will likely be interesting to no one but me, and even that's questionable. But I've found in the past that a daily brain-dump can help clear out the cobwebs, especially when I've got a lot going on. Fair warning - this is mostly going to be verbal salad. A lot of random thoughts that aren't necessarily related.

Room painting has been the major project the past few weekends. My office, Kid 5's room, and the upstairs bathroom. I hate painting. The taping alone is awful, let alone the actual process. But the final result makes it worth the effort. Maybe.

Getting this blog setup has also been a project. A more enjoyable one, at that. I tinkered with Astro CMS and I really liked it, but it's overkill for someone who just wants a simple blog. Plus it reminded me that, although I have a web development background, my brain isn't really condusive to solving nit-picky little code issues. In the end, Publii was the best option for me. It works with GitHub Pages and has a nice, easy-to-use interface. 

The hate-crime shooting in Jacksonville reminded me, once again, why I left that god-forsaken place. I still claim the Jaguars but not much else. It's a town full of douchebag CEOs and poor white trash masquerading as the middle class. It's got a lot of "angry white guy" energy. I don't miss it.

Started a couple of new shows in the K-Drama category: "Law School" and "Memories of the Alhambra". I'm not sure I'm going to like either of them because they both have a very "American" style. It's similar to why I haven't returned to "Vagabond" yet (even the presence of Bae Suzy hasn't coerced me yet). The quirkiness is what I love about South Korean television. If I want to watch an over-stylized, loud show with murder, explosions, and no self-awareness, I'd watch any of the scripted programs on NBC.



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