Daily Post for Aug 31, 2023

Totoro standing at a Tokyo crosswalk with his umbrella
Participation ribbon for this AI-generated Totoro ideogram.ai

Today was "medicine check" day with my psychiatrist. Switched things up a little bit because I'm still in kind of a recovery mode from my terrible '22. With the right kind of stimulant, I'm the person I want to be - confident, pro-active, productive, outgoing. Vyvanse, the stuff I was taking before, was total shit for me. It did nothing but increase my anxiety and dull my personality. 

I don't know how it's possible, but I lost 5 more pounds. I'm still in fat-ass territory, but I'm lucky to be at this point with the way I've been eating lately. I wish there was a coma diet. Just put me under for a couple months and feed me intravenously. 

Yesterday in the office was pretty good. Got to meet some people face to face for the first time, saw a few work friends, and saw a lot of people from my old team. Free food was a bonus. It's a shame, though...they completely remodeled the office with all this great collaboration equipment, but it rarely gets used. Not that I want to go back full time (the drive sucks), but I hate to see it go to waste.

It's a story too long to tell, but I've been dealing with a charge for training that I wasn't supposed to pay for. My part was $400, but through a series of unfortunate clicks, I paid $3600. The refund is somewhere between PayPal and my bank, a kind of purgatory that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. 

I'm diving deeper into automation with Power Automate and Teams at work. Not my job, but a skill that really helps me streamline things for my team. Going to start taking some training and impress the shit out of people.

Fun note: go check out ideogram.ai. It's a pretty good AI picture generator. The logo for my site was created with it, as was the featured image for this post.


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