Daily Post for Sep 2, 2023

Uncanny Counter Season 2 Promo Image
It doesn't get much better than this.

I just finished episode 11 of "The Uncanny Counter" season 2. Final episode tomorrow. Right now, this is the best thing on television. It's damn near a perfect show. In related K-Drama news, "Destined With You" is really starting to grow on me after three episodes.

I did a rare thing last night. I stayed up past my bedtime to go to a movie. "The Equalizer 3" was two hours of gore and violence punctuated by Denzel Washington being an absolute bad-ass. 

Tonight will be public astronomy outreach at a local park. Saturn should be amazing if we have clear skies. This will be my first time setting up a telescope in a while. I hope everything still works.



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