Daily Post for Sep 7, 2023

A koala sleeping in a tree
Photo by Cris Saur

I did not sleep well last night. This morning I feel like the dead, but I'm going to power through it. Too many stimulants yesterday to make me functional for my in-office day must have taken their toll.

I'm really taking a liking to Logseq. Now that I've got the basics down, I'm moving quickly through my daily journaling and keeping track of my to-dos. One of them is a daily reminder to write this post. It worked, obviously.

I ordered a copy of the National Geographic Stargazer's Atlas. I'm more excited than I should be for a book. Nerd-mode engaged.

My recently moved-out teenager finally found a decent job, and might have an apartment soon. He doesn't give a lot of details and I don't ask, but I'm certainly proud of him. This is huge progress over where he was a couple of months ago.

Speaking of which, life is much calmer without him in the house. We all needed space. It's not easy on a family when they have to deal with another member's trauma, particularly when they don't want to help themselves. I think being on his own has been a net positive.


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