Daily Post for Sep 9, 2023

Phillip J Frye from Futurama looking suspicious
Not sure if...using right blogging tool.

I'm starting to question my use of Publii as a blogging tool. I'm noticing it getting slower the more I write, and I haven't written that much. I'm also wanting a mobile option for posting and there's none of that on the horizon. Since I'm spending so much time in Logseq these days, I might try out the Hugo integration and see if it's just as easy. I wouldn't mind having all this backed up in my primary note taking system, and Logseq has a great mobile app.

Kid 5's team won their soccer game today. They're undefeated this season and even running up the score a little bit. I think they've allowed one goal in 3-4 games. We're talking 9 year olds here, but their confidence is off the charts after being together for several years. They're fun to watch.

Astronomy outreach event tonight. This is my favorite part of the hobby, and this time of year it's even better with all the amazement at seeing Saturn through a telescope for the first time. I'm overdoing it, as usual, taking my 12" Dob, 8" Celestron, and binoculars, but what's the point of having this stuff if you don't use it to inspire the next generation of astronomy nerds?

Finally feeling back to normal after being sick for three days. It wasn't COVID, but it sure felt like it. 


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