K-Review - Diary of a Prosecutor

Screen image from Diary of a Prosecutor
Diary of a Prosecutor
I recently finished “Diary of a Prosecutor” and I highly recommend it!
Lee Sun Kyung as Prosecutor Lee has amazing comedic presence and holds his own in the dramatic department as well. The ensemble cast is brilliant in typical K-drama fashion and play well off each other.
Each episode is more or less self-contained although there are several overarching plot lines that carry through to the end. I’d call this show “comfort food” type viewing. It’s definitely “bingeable” - as bingeable as any K-drama at 16, hour-plus episodes - but something probably enjoyed at a more normal pace and one I would enjoy rewatching.
Kim Kwang iyu has become one of my favorite character actors in South Korean television and he's very funny as Prosecutor Hong, a very self-conscious public servant of 14 years. I'm currently enjoying his small role in "Business Proposal" as Kim Sejeong's father.
And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Jung Ryeowon as Prosecutor Cha. What a subtle, understated performance!
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