This blog is profound

So I’m here, in this new space, to write my thoughts down and share them. I’m here because…

I used to be a prolific blogger back when blogs were a new thing. Filled with self-importance, I thought it was critical that I capture my opinions on mostly everything. My opinions, like my politics in my younger years, were crap.

I want to be prolific again, but not for anyone but myself. I’m not chasing “likes” or trying to monetize anything. I simply want to have an easy, low-friction way to write things as they come up. If others find it interesting or helpful, that’s a nice bonus.

Setting up this space was an experience similar to cracking open a new notebook. People like myself look at a new notebook with trepidation, not wanting to mess up any of the pages or write things out of order. But when we do that, we’re telling ourselves that the notebook is enough all by itself. “Good job! I bought a fancy notebook!”

The greatest advice I ever heard about getting to the point of the thing came from Merlin Mann. He said to open the notebook to the first page and write, “This notebook is profound.” Then just start writing. The first time I tried this, it had the effect of letting some of the air out of my own sails and making me realize that the words were more important than pristine pages.

So this post is the first page in my new digital notebook. Whatever comes next should be…

If something I write here helps you, by all means feel free to reach out. I don’t ask so I can feel important, only so I can know there are others out there like me.

post by David WK